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Success Stories

Sublingual Immunotherapy Success

(Initials and aliases are used to protect confidentiality)

Patient's Case Studies
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Allergy Patient:
Ray S. (adult)

“I had a lot of chores growing up: mowing the grass, raking the lawn, sweeping out the garage. I had to cover my nose and mouth with a cloth but I would still feel bad the whole time. As an adult, my allergies got even worse -- they occasionally knock me out of commission for days. My boss told me about the allergy drops and suggested I try them. I was reluctant at first but after meeting with my doctor I started taking them three months ago. Now I feel fantastic -- 100% better!”

Allergy Patient:
Tim B. (child)

Ever since Tim was a toddler, he suffered from allergies. Skin tests revealed he was allergic to nearly every single allergen. He took numerous medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, including an inhaler because his allergies triggered asthma.

Tim hated taking the medications and insisted on playing outdoor sports because he’s a great athlete. He had problems sleeping, suffered from head colds every six or seven weeks, and often felt miserable. His healthcare provider prescribed sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for Tim, who was one of the most severely affected patients he had ever seen.

Tim’s mother, Karen, described the results: “It’s unbelievable, amazing. It has truly been a life changing event for our son.” Now, Tim can breathe freely and is able, for the first time, to enjoy his sense of smell.

He’s had no asthma attacks, no sickness, no head colds,” said Karen. Before SLIT, he couldn’t play a whole soccer game with his teammates, but now he’s not impeded in any way.” (In addition to SLIT, Tim uses an inhaler preventatively before games and an occasional ½ of an antihistamine at night.)

SLIT provides another benefit —Tim’s family spends about $6,000 less per year in prescriptions. Karen said, “Now we only spend about $165 every two months for his inhaler and an occasional over-the-counter remedy (versus $500 every month as we did before SLIT). That’s next to nothing in comparison.

Allergy Patient:
Deena S. (adult)

“Sublingual immunotherapy has dramatically improved my life... anyone who has known me for the past few years is blown away by what I can do now.”

Deena had suffered from allergies to grass, trees, weeds and many foods since childhood, and had been diagnosed with severe asthma. She had always been very susceptible to respiratory illnesses, and any time a cold took hold of her, it went straight to her lungs: she has made frequent visits to the ER as a result.

I went through years of sneezing, coughing, hacking, and runny eyes,
she says. She tried many treatments, including allergy shots, but often endured extreme reactions to both the tests and to the injections. In addition to her physical discomfort, Deena found it increasingly difficult to fit allergist’s appointments into her workday. “I just couldn’t afford all that time away from work any more and became inconsistent with treatment.”

Since beginning SLIT treatments 1½ years ago Deena experienced a total lifestyle change. “SLIT has dramatically improved my life. I feel completely different, and I owe it all to SLIT.” She has not visited the ER even once, and she now runs three miles, three or four times a week. Plus, she can enjoy her birthday for the first time: “My allergy symptoms always hit me hardest around my birthday. It’s nice to finally feel healthy on my special day.

Allergy Patient:
Dr. Stanley L., MD (adult)

“For the last 51 years, I've had allergies that last from December through June; it's seven months of continuous sneezing. Last year I started taking drops and I didn't sneeze more than a handful of times during the entire allergy season. It's been amazing!”

“My wife loves to grow flowers in our garden and bring them into the house. They use to make me feel miserable, so she had to remove them. Now, she's put them all over -- our bedroom, dining room, bathrooms -- and they don't bother me in the least. She's happy and I'm happy.”

Doctor's Case Studies

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“I think the drops [sublingual immunotherapy] are markedly better [than shots] for most of my patients. The drops tend to work faster [and] there are fewer side effects….” – Dr. James Munson, Board Certified Allergist, Loma Linda, CA Hear more from Dr. Munson in the video above.

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  "AllerVision's allergy program and products are well
designed, easy for my staff and I to implement and a value added service
for my patients. My patient population includes several patient types
that are good candidates for allergy testing. I am a big proponent of
continuity of care and minimizing my patient's wait to see an allergy
specialist, so testing and treating patients for environmental allergies
makes sense to me.  AllerVision's complete allergy program helps my
staff and I accomplish our goal of: total patient care, bring value to
our patients and expanding our menu of services to our patients and the
public. I whole-heartedly endorse AllerVision's complete allergy
program as the solution to testing for and treating environmental

– Dr. Milton J. Wright, D.O., ACOFP

  "I really like how every aspect of AlierVision's allergy program is: packaged in a way that is easy for the physicians and staff to execute and customized to work for our office. I highly recommend AlierVision's Complete Allergy Program to practices that are looking to add a compliant high value program to its menu of services."

– Judi Inteso, Practice Administrator, Biltmore Ear, Nose, Throat, P.C.

What Doctors and Publications Say About Sublingual Immunotherapy

“Sublingual immunotherapy has the potential to improve patients’ quality of life and represents a significant advance with a good safety record as an allergen treatment. Sublingual immunotherapy is particularly effective for allergic rhinitis caused by pollens. There is also preliminary data to suggest that, like the subcutaneous route ('shots'), sublingual immunotherapy for pollen allergy may prevent new sensitizations and prevent progression from rhinitis to asthma.” - Dr. Stephen R. Durham, Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College London

SLIT [sublingual immunotherapy] is a safe treatment which significantly reduces symptoms and medication requirements in allergic rhinitis, including hay fever.”- Cochrane Review, April 2003 (Reviewed & Confirmed in 2009)

“Thus far studies have found that drops were as effective as shots and, not surprisingly, were better accepted by patients and were safer.” - Scientific American, "Drink Your Shots," April 2002