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The Allergy Epidemic: What's At Risk For Patients and Practices

Over 25% of Americans now have allergies, according to the American Association of Asthama and Immunology. Allergies can develop at any age and lead to a long list of symptoms, from asthma to serial infections. This allergy crisis comes at the same time that doctors are facing unprecedented financial hardships and an uncertain healthcare future. These factors threaten the stability of their business and ability to care for patients. But there is hope for patients and doctors...

AllerVision Brings You the Ability to Diagnose and Treat Allergies  Profitably, Efficiently, and Cost-Effectively for Your Patients


AllerVision offers a partnership that will allow you to diagnose and treat your patients with the most advanced allergy techniques available. This program offers not only an avenue to best practice care and cutting edge treatment, but a unique opportunity to significantly increase your practice's income while simultaneously saving your patients money.

AllerVision streamlines your practice's procedures and helps you establish a complete allergy care program, from administering skin tests to treating via immunotherapy, the only treatment that addresses the cause of allergies rather than just symptoms. Most often, sublingual immunotherapy(SLIT) is the easiest, safest and most effective route both doctors and patients. For medical providers, the benefits include:

  • The ability to potentially halt the the atopic dertmatitis march in children
  • Diagnose recurring infections caused by allergies — and reverse the process
  • Conquer ailments caused by allergies that have gone misdiagnosed and mistreated for decades
  • Treat your patient's allergies, even severe ones, without referals
  • Test questionable symptoms in-house and get point-of-care results within 15 minutes
  • Help everyone from infants to seniors safely
  • Provide definitive relief without risk of drug-drug or drug-disease interactions

To learn about benefits to your patients, click here
or watch the "Understanding and Treating Environmental Allergies" video.

AllerVision Takes Care of Providers

AllerVision's provider-owners understand your practice and provide the tools to improve office efficiency and increase revenue dramatically. In the process, you can once again practice medicine enthusiastically because we bring you the opportunity to present patients with a solution, rather than a lifetime commitment to symptom treatment, which is rare in the realm of chronic disease. Our services include:

  • Practice optimization
  • Guidance on creating a cash-based and/or insurance-based allergy program
  • Comprehensive training
    • Providers: allergy causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
    • Front office: billing, organization
    • Back office: allergy testing, marketing
  • Marketing support materials and guidance for reaching current and potential new patients
Allergies – and Allergy Treatment – Are Not Limited to Humans

AllerVision is happy to offer advanced allergy treatment capabilities to veterinarians, as animals are just as prone to allergies as humans. In canines, allergies manifest themselves in many ways, including scratching, hair loss, chewing at the paws, inflamed skin, inflamed ears and in some cases sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. Fortunately, SLIT is effective in helping them as well, and AllerVision can help vets establish a comprehensive program to address this large and growing affliction.

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